Sunday, January 16, 2011

Choosing Your Wedding Day

It has finally sunk in and you're ready to get started. 
What do you do first? 
Why, Save the Date of course! 

As early as possible, choose your wedding date.  Make sure your man has some input on this one, too.  Be respectful of both families and choose the date together.  You wouldn't want your wedding day to be the same day his sister's baby is due, that would be awkward.  He doesn't want to get married on Super Bowl Sunday because he's liable to have plans (don't worry, you're invited).

First things first; talk it over:
  • Spring?  Fall?  each season will have its pros and cons (I'll go over this later so check back)
  • Be conscious of out of town guests, they may need lots of time to plan for a trip.
  • How big is your wedding?  Can you realistically plan for 300 guests in 6 weeks?  Give yourself plenty of time to plan and prepare.
  • Is your heart set on a certain venue or vendor?  Make sure it's available for the day you choose and have back up dates in mind just in case. 
  • Again, make sure your date doesn't conflict with another friend or family member's special occasion or event. 
It may be hard to please everyone, but choose wisely and start the planning off on a high note.  Think about it, do you want your new sister in law going into labor during the reception?  I doubt it!  That would totally be stealing your spotlight :) 

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