Sunday, January 16, 2011

You said YES! Now what?

He asked..
You cried...
You said YES!
He cried! 
(In a good way we hope)
So now what?

 First, update that Facebook status to "engaged"!  Just kidding, that can wait.  Tell Mom first at least! 
What you shouldn't do is dive right into the wedding mags and start picking out table centerpieces.  Take a few days to let the good news sink in.  Enjoy being engaged, tell family and friends, show off the ring (or exchange it, we know no one's perfect), and relish all of the sweet attention.  Once you start planning, there's a big chance that you'll get so consumed that you'll forget that you are supposed to be Happy!  That's right; you should be Happy, not tearing your hair out or tearing up at the thought wearing Aunt Mae's dress.  Unless of course Aunt Mae has awesome style, and in that case you'd be happy to.
So, all the serious planning can wait a few days while you two declare yourselves officially "tying the knot".  Believe me, you are not only going to receive plenty of "Congrats" but more unsolicited advice that you can handle.  Be prepared to smile, nod, and say "thanks" or better yet: "no thanks".

Ok, now you can update that Facebook status.  After all, you're no longer "In a relationship", you're "Engaged <3"  :)

~ Stay tuned, I'll be quickly blogging away and filling the new site with lots of planning and budget tips.  I hope you'll check back soon.  Please feel free to leave comments, too.  I'd love to hear from you. ~

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